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If Paper Could Talk, What Would It Say?

A label in your wedding scrapbook or photobook plays special wishes from a beloved friend. A label on a prescription bottle announces the name of the medicine within and helps the elderly avoid taking the wrong medication. A label on a lion in a Spanish language tutorial corrects your pronunciation. A label on a can of soup reads the ingredients and nutritional content out loud. A label on a medical file holds a sensitive test result, sharing it only with authorized caregivers. Talking labels will transform everyday objects by adding a rich layer of information that a mere printed label can never convey. These audio messages touch hearts, save lives and share useful information.

Unlike traditional barcodes, Soundpaper stores the sound (and other data) directly in the barcode on the paper or label. There is no need for an internet or cell phone connection so response is quick and reliable.  If desired, Soundpaper has the ability to provide web access by embedding a URL. LTT’s Soundpaper addresses several multi-billion dollar markets, including scrapbooking, photo books, publishing and multimedia, product labeling, aids for the visually impaired, security, industrial production, healthcare and assisted living, as well as education.

Market awareness of scanning on smart phones is becoming established, thanks to the adoption of UPC, QR and other barcode scanning software on these devices. Soundpaper is a superior solution – the response time is instant as there is no network delay, no waiting for a web browser, and no dealing with dead web links. The sound is in the Soundpaper, not on the Web.