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Publishing is a large market opportunity for Soundpaper and a market that is constantly seeking new innovations. Publishers could easily add Soundpaper audio to any printed text. Magazine articles could carry Soundpaper clips from celebrity interviews. History books could play a clip of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. A textbook entry on the flute could contain a passage from a Bach flute concerto.

Soundpaper labels bring a new sensory dimension of high-quality audio to the print medium. Publishers could economically add sounds to printed matter by adding Soundpaper graphic elements into the normal printing process without incurring any additional capital equipment costs. Because Soundpaper is simply ink on paper there is no lower cost way to add sound to a printed page.

Soundpaper is a dynamic way to bridge paper and electronics.  In addition to storing audio, Soundpaper can hold a URL , bringing a smart phone to a specific page. In addition, Soundpaper opens a wealth of opportunity for publishers of books and periodicals to enhance the learning and entertainment experience for readers.