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Industrial Labeling

More than 40 million Americans 16 years of age and older have only rudimentary reading and writing skills, according to the U.S. Department of Education. The National Institute for Literacy estimates that greater than 60 percent of front-line workers in production environments have difficulty applying written information to a required task.

Employers could affix Soundpaper strips to racks, equipment and tools to provide easy-to-understand audio instructions and to diminish the reliance on written instructions. Soundpaper could augment illustrated flipbooks commonly used for employee training. Ruggedized Soundpaper scanners that meet industrial requirements of lower lighting, inclement weather, vibrations and drops onto hard surfaces could aid in productivity.

Soundpaper is relevant in any situation where there is a need to ensure comprehension of a written message, in any language. Audio is easier to understand than handwriting and faster than typing.

Specialized scanners can also embed time stamps and even geo-coded locations directly into the message.  Upon playback, the user is told when and where the Soundpaper strip was made.  If desired, it can even automatically note who made the recording.