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Soundpaper is the world’s most advanced two-dimensional (2D) barcode.

Soundpaper is an affordable, easy-to-use system that converts ordinary paper into an extraordinary talking label in seconds. Soundpaper is a patented technology developed by Labels That Talk (LTT). This amazing system records sound into a next generation barcode that is readable with an iPhone, Android phone and a variety of other scanners.  Soundpaper is easy to create and print on many different kinds of printers, including the inkjet or laser printer you already own.

Soundpaper’s feature-rich barcode capabilities are unparalleled.  In addition to instant audio, Soundpaper allows embedded URL’s, geo-coded location stamps, time stamps, tamper-evident printing, encrypted content, authentication with a digital signature, or any other digitized information. The possibilities are endless.

Soundpaper is your personal barcode:  just record and print; scan and listen.

Soundpaper:  The next-generation barcode

  • Soundpaper strips store 30 seconds or more of instant audio.
  • Soundpaper can be read with a free iPhone or Android app, a Soundpaper scanner or special purpose scanners.
  • Audio response is instantaneous, requiring no Internet or cell connection.
  • Sound quality is superior to telephone voice quality.
  • Also provides Internet access when scanning with a cell phone to automatically route your browser to any web site.
  • Durable sound strips will continue to work even after suffering considerable damage.
  • Labels can be placed virtually anywhere, even wrapped around curved surfaces.