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Identity theft is rampant. Printed materials are always at risk of falling into the wrong hands. HIPAA* requires strict privacy controls. Businesses increasingly see customer and employee privacy as a critical component of operations. Soundpaper strips can be encrypted such that the audio replay function will unlock only with a fingerprint ID or a PIN code. By using ear buds or headphones, listeners could access this information privately. Key elements of health records, financial information, account numbers and other sensitive items can be printed safely and securely.

Unlike small and difficult-to-dispose-of RFID devices, unwanted Soundpaper strips can be shredded with a standard paper shredder. Soundpaper strips can be easily disposed of or even recycled. For security-intensive applications, special versions of Soundpaper can be created that have unique IDs, source verification and tamper-evident printing.

* The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996