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Product Labeling

Soundpaper can be used for labeling food and beverage products as well as many other consumer products. For example, food companies can print packaging materials with short Soundpaper strips featuring product information such as expiration date, ingredients, even the glycemic index for the rapidly growing number of diabetics.

Sound can be added to wine labels, with sound clips suggesting appropriate food pairings or other marketing information to help a bottle (or brand) stand out on crowded shelves. Soundpaper product labels will provide a better user experience than a QR code alternative.  With Soundpaper, the audio is heard immediately, there is no delay in waiting for an internet connection and there is never a failure due to a lack of cell phone signal. The audio is in the barcode and the response is always instantaneous.

Alternatively, a consumer product company can go beyond the instant playback features of Soundpaper by also adding a URL that will open a cell phone browser to a website. While the user waits for the website to load, she is listening to the audio message.  Soundpaper combines these capabilities into a single, next-generation barcode.