The Audio Annotation+ Company©


“The photograph captures the moment.
Soundpaper tells the story”.©

A photograph accompanied by the sounds of that moment is priceless. Approximately 1 in 5 American families scrapbook. Adding sound (voices, recital performances, family sing-along’s, etc.) to scrapbooks in an easy-to-use manner enhances the memories that people want to preserve and adds a new dimension to the scrapbooking experience. Soundpaper provides the crafter with possibilities beyond what was previously available for enriching their memory books and other craft projects with sound.

Soundpaper is the most versatile medium for adding audio to scrapbooks or other craft projects because the audio is in the label. This allows crafters to share their memory books or other craft projects with anyone who has an iPhone, Android phone or Soundpaper scanner.

Soundpaper provides the crafter with a superior solution over other products (e.g., Anoto-based products) that store audio in a digital pen that can only be played back with the same digital pen by touching an indexed sticker. Soundpaper provides the crafter with flexibility and the ability to create fun memories that can be easily shared with numerous family and friends. In addition, memories stored on Soundpaper can be archived and preserved on a computer and re-printed anytime.